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Building Resilience: The Role of The Adaptation Network in South Africa

The Adaptation Network, established in South Africa in 2009, is a multi-stakeholder network aimed at knowledge sharing, capacity building, policy engagement and collective learning around climate adaptation and resilience.

The membership of over 400-strong, is made up of civil society groupings, academia, the public and private sectors, as well as individuals. Extending across the southern African region, this diversity of membership constitutes the strength of the network in bridging the gap between policymakers, citizen groups, researchers and other relevant stakeholders. Learning from and with each other, the network ultimately seeks to enhance adaptive capacity, and reduce vulnerability to climate change, particularly amongst the most vulnerable and marginalised communities.

Your support drives meaningful partnerships, ensuring collective advocacy and effective solutions for a resilient future amidst climate change challenges.


Empowering communities and organizations with the tools they need to tackle climate change head-on is at the heart of our mission. Through collaboration with our membership we’ve curated a comprehensive collection of resources aimed at supporting climate change adaptation efforts.

Whether you’re a grassroots community group, a governmental organization, or an academic institution, our featured set of climate change adaptation atlases and tools offers a starting point for your journey. 

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