Adaptation Fund Small Grants Facility

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The first four SGF approved projects have a geographical spread within the Hantam, Kamiesberg and Namakwa Local Municipalities in the Namakwa District where local communities in partnership with Community-based Organisations will support communities to build resilience to climate change impacts. Vulnerable community members of the Suid Bokkeveld and Soebasfontein villages in partnership with the Environmental Monitoring Group (EMG) will build resilience to climate change impacts through the “Two communities adapting together” project by responding to increasing temperatures and limited water resources in the area. This will be achieved by insulating houses, enhancing water harvesting and installing water saving techniques through the introduction of compost toilets in the villages.

Livestock farmers in the Leliefontein village will benefit from the “Biodiversity and Red Meat Cooperative – Land & Livestock Adaptation” project through an implementation partnership with Gondwana Alive. The project will ensure that farmers in the village will have livestock which is better adapted to current and future projected climate conditions. Furthermore, vulnerable small scale rooibos farmers of the Suid Bokkeveld community will enhance rooibos production and processing by optimising the sustainable use of land and water resources through the “Climate proofing small-scale rooibos production” project in collaboration with Heiveld Cooperative which is a community based co-operative in Nieuwoudtville. Communities across the Namakwa District will benefit from the SGF through participation in a savings scheme project. The “Building Resilience to climate change by promoting saving” project will ensure that vulnerable communities have access to financial services such as savings and credit to build more adaptive capacity through better financial management mechanisms.