Events at COP 17, Durban

COP 17 took place in Durban, South Africa, in 2011.
SADC climate change civil society networks dinner at COP17
Following up on the SADC networks meeting organised earlier this year in Johannesburg, a SADC networks dinner was held on the 30th of November 2011. With COP17 bringing the members of many networks and organisations to Durban at this time, it provided an opportunity to bring representatives together to network and share experiences around COP17. The networks dinner was organised by the Adaptation Network, Indigo development and change, EMG, IIED and ZERO. 30 people attended the dinner, which was held at Café 1999 in Durban. Short and informal presentations were then given by Saleemul Huq (IIED), Richard Worthington (WWF), Peter With (Southern Voices Programme/Care Denmark) and Julie Clarke (Drylands Fund/ DBSA). The dinner brought together a dynamic group of people, we had a great evening!

Workshop: Learning from farmers and fishers
During the first week of COP 17 in Durban, the South African Adaptation Network and Drynet (hosted by Indigo development & change and EMG) organised a workshop for farmers, fishers, environmentalists and development practitioners. The workshop brought together 26 participants at the Green with Envy Nursery in Durban on the 2nd of December, and focused on sharing inspirations on adaptation in practice. The objectives of the workshop were to share knowledge about climate variability and change, share insights from the COP 17 process, learn about the challenges small-scale farmers and fishers are facing and how they respond to these, and to create a rich and creative space of learning from each other.