South Africa and Zimbabwe speak at COP 21 opening

By Happy Khambule
Day 1 or is it day 2… when in COP such things seem to be abstract, either way it was a Monday. I had the joy of listening to world leaders reiterate their commitment to climate action and I was eagerly awaiting JZ and uncle Bob.

When it comes to uncle Bob, let me say uncle Bob is uncle Bob for a reason. He was unapologetic and concise on his affirmation that Africa had nothing to do with climate change, but has to suffer. He further stated that northern countries must take responsibility or risk giving the impression that they just don’t care. I have of course consciously not referred to his classic western bashing rhetoric.

As for JZ, he took a familiar stance, or at least this time he was the one demanding that developed countries pay or elaborate on pre and post-2020 finance. Although he was clear about South Africa and Africa already suffering from climate change, he limited his statements on the support that is necessary for developing coutnries to effectively contribute to the long term goal. He stressed that adaptation finance is important and is somewhat of a non-negotiable.