Implementation of Eco-technologies in Limpopo

Implementation of Eco-technologies in the Limpopo Province

Project Details
Organisation(s) involved: ARC-ISCW, LDA and DoA
Project Objective/ Description: This project aims to identify, demonstrate and adopt appropriate eco-technologies to ensure sustainable resource management in selected study areas of the Limpopo Province.The first major outcome of this project is to select, design and demonstrate eco-technologies from a ‘basket’ of sound scientific principles and sustainable resource management options. The second major outcome is to design, facilitate and document the ‘process’ required to empower the relevant stakeholders with the necessary social (institutional) and human (knowledge and skills) capital.The intended outcomes of this ‘process model’ is firstly the improvement in capacity to use more sustainable technologies and secondly, the creation of a culture of learning that would allow people to be innovative and interactive and to collectively care and manage natural resources in a sustainable manner.
Location: Fetakgomo, Blouberg and Makudutamaga