Limpopo capacity building workshops on environment and climate change

Climate Change and Environment capacity building in Limpopo

By Mosima Mphidi

Over the course of the last year, the Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism (LEDET) conducted 13 environmental management workshops within the Vhembe district, involving nearly a thousand participants.  The workshops were aimed at conscientising communities with regards to management of the environment and the impacts of the climate change time bomb.

Workshops were conducted at Lambani village (46 participants), Tshitavha village (63 participants), Tshilamba (50 participants), Thulamela indoor sports center (97 participants), Tshikhudini (60 participants), Mudzidzi (67 participants), HBE Transport ha Mashamba (48 participants), Rammbuda Baptist church (40 participants), Vele Gogogo village (54 participants), Mphephu Tribal Authority (41 participants), Matangari village (175 participants), Tshikonelo Tribal Council (48 participants), Tswera United Christian church (51 participants), Mutale Municipality Council Chamber (52 participants), Thulamela Local Municipality Mayor / Tihosi Forum Meeting, and Musina Nancefield community hall.

Capacity building on environmental management was also conducted at 14 schools, with 42 educators and 198 learners participating. In addition, World Wetlands Day (February 2nd) was commemorated at Musina municipality to promote better utilisation of our natural resources. Tree planting initiatives were launched at a number of sites in the district, with 100 indigenous trees and 40 fruit trees planted.

A number of different environmental challenges were identified in the various areas during the workshops, some of which environmental officers had not been previously aware of. A particular challenge that participants raised was the impact of the current drought, which reflects the reality of the impacts of climate change in the district.

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