Portfolio Working Groups

Activities of the Adaptation Network are largely undertaken through its Portfolio Working Groups, which are led by the network’s Steering Committee, and supported by the AN Secretariat along with interested working group members from the wider network. These working groups hold regular virtual meetings, which all network members are welcome to attend.

Internal Strengthening of the Network Working Group

Ensures the efficient running of a well-governed broad and representative Network with effective internal communication strategies that enable active participation by members. It also ensures that the needs of Network members are adequately represented and addressed within the Network’s mandate in relevant fora.

Capacity Development and Learning Working Group

Broadens and builds capacity and knowledge on climate impacts and adaptation across South Africa by adopting a sustainable approach that will empower AN members, civil society organisations (CSOs), and other key stakeholders to be able to contribute to the national climate change adaptation policy development and implementation. This working group also oversees the network’s Civil Society Organisations Skills Enhancement and Excellence Development (CSO SEED) project, which is aimed at building the capacity of AN member CSOs engaged in climate change adaptation through offering several funded activities, mentorship, and training.

Internal Finance and Fundraising Working Group

Ensures the Network’s sound financial management and reporting systems for funders and ongoing mobilisation of local and global funds to strengthen the AN.

Policy and Climate Finance Working Group

Identifies, coordinates, and supports member input into adaptation policy and climate finance engagement opportunities.

Communications Working Group

Provides strategic direction on the Network’s external and internal communication, which ensures that the Network’s members are constantly updated on the latest climate adaptation developments, interventions, workshops, and training in the region.