Stewardship project 2

Buffelsdraai community reforestation project

Project Details
Organisation(s) involved: The Environmental Management Department, eThekwini Municipality, Wildlands Conservation Trust and Durban Solid Waste
Project Objective/ Description: The aim of this community reforestation project is to plant 62,500 trees on 125 ha of degraded forest land, offsetting some 6,004 tonnes of CO2 over a 20 year period, as part of the municipality’s commitment to hosting ‘carbon neutral’ 2010 world cup events.

The Buffelsdraai Community Reforestation Project involves assisting rural communities to collect seed, grow trees, plant trees in degraded forest areas in the landfill buffer area, and maintain them. The ‘treepreneurs’ which propagate these trees then gain food, school uniforms, bikes or tuition fees by exchanging monetary credits at ‘tree-stores’ for these goods.

Location: Buffelsdraai Landfill Site, eThekwini Municipality