Stewardship Project 5

Climate Change Adaptation Corridors: Sustainable Land Management in Namaqualand

Project Details
Organisation(s) involved: The Climate Action Partnership (CAP), the Namaqualand Wilderness Initiative (NWI) and Conservation South Africa (CSA)
Project Objective/ Description: The Namaqualand Wilderness Initiative (NWI) is an initiative through Conservation South Africa with the vision to establish a biodiversity corridor of 387 000 ha of land. The area under stewardship contains sustainable land use practices that enable ecosystem functioning at a landscape level. The intention is to provide improved and more diverse livelihoods options to the people living in the area while also achieving biodiversity conservation goals.

Biologically, the NWI area covers a variety of gradients and the ultimate goal is that it will act as a corridor for species migration in response to climate change.

Location: The NWI area includes the Kamiesberg Mountains, a communal conservancy with a number of wetlands, private farm land, the Namaqua National Park and DeBeers-owned land, linking to the Atlantic Ocean coastline.
Contact: Nerise Feris,