Stewardship Project 7

Restoration and Climate Change Adaptation: Eastern Cape Sub-tropical Thicket Restoration

Project Details
Organisation(s) involved: The Wilderness Foundation (WF) and the Climate Action Partnership (CAP)
Project Objective/ Description: The Wilderness Foundation (WF) is working on the restoration of subtropical thicket, based on spekboom planting. Spekboom based thicket restoration has high carbon sequestration potential and pilot sites have been established to provide a scientifically defensible basis for estimating these carbon sequestration rates, determining the most effective planting and restoration techniques and developing a business case for thicket restoration. The aim is thicket restoration with sustainable environmental, social, and economic benefits and the development of a business model around carbon off-setting.
Location: The Baviaanskloof area, Eastern Cape. Pilot thicket restoration sites have been established on both Eastern Cape Parks Board land and the privately owned Wilderness Foundation property at the Havens.
Contact: Matthew Norval,