Stewardship Project 8

Restoration and Climate Change Adaptation: Indigenous Trees for Life and Greening your Future

Project Details
Organisation(s) involved: Wildlands Conservation Trust (WCT), the Climate Action Partnership (CAP) and the DG Murray Trust
Project Objective/ Description: WCT runs a programme called Indigenous Trees for Life which trains individual ‘treepreneurs’ to grow indigenous trees from seed. When these trees reach a certain height WCT trades them for goods and services such as staple foods, bicycles, and school fees. The trees are stored in central nurseries and supply local WCT reforestation projects. The Greening Your Future programme refers to the phase in which WCT implements a forest restoration and climate mitigation programme, using the trees grown by ‘treepreneurs’ to restore degraded land.
Location: Project sites for reforestation include the fringes of Ongoye Forest Reserve, Buffelsdraai Landfill near Durban, and the Mkuze River floodplain as well as future development in the Ferncliff area.
Contact: Andrew Whitley,