Stewardship Project 9

Ecosystem-based Adaptation in the Namakwa District

Project Details
Organisation(s) involved: Conservation South Africa (lead), Namakwa District Municipality, Agricultural Research Council, Nurture Restore Innovate, South African National Parks, Working for Wetlands.
Project Objective/ Description: As the South African leg of a three country study on Ecosystems-based Adaptation (EbA) to climate change, Conservation South Africa (CSA) is working alongside teams in Brazil and the Philippines to explore effective and cost-effective EbA in a variety of global habitats. Our vision is to research, trial, and integrate land-use and restoration best practice for the Succulent Karoo that will reduce vulnerability and build resilience generally in the face of multiple challenges including the impacts of global climate change. The focus is on improved ecosystem services to do with fresh water, grazing, and soil erosion control. CSA has completed a climate change vulnerability assessment and EbA spatial prioritisation exercise to guide this process.
Location: Namakwa District Municipality, Succulent Karoo
Contact: Amanda Bourne, Climate Adaptation Coordinator,