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 Adaptation & Beyond

+ Adaptation in the Local context
+ Sharing Lessons of Adaptation
+ Participatory Photography
+ Climate Change Adaptation and Ethics
+ Community based Adaptation
+ Working with Individuals, Households & Communities
+ Climate Science for Adaptation
+ Gender and Climate Change Adaptation
+ Concepts for Multidisciplinary Learning
+ Defining Adaptation
+ Using Climate Data


National Climate Change Reports

+ National Climate Change Response White Paper 2011
National Climate Change Response Green Paper 2010
+ South Africa’s Second National Communication


Department of Environmental Affairs: National Climate Change Response Annual Report, 2015

Theme A: A Synopsis of South Africa’s 2015 Annual Report on Monitoring Climate Change Responses
+ Theme B: Monitoring and Evaluation
Theme C: Vulnerabilities Risks
Theme D: Lowercarbon Economy
Theme E: Adaptation landscape
Theme F: Climate Finance
Theme G: Adaptation Governance Management
Theme H: Flagship Programme
Theme I: COP21 Key Outcomes

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Various Reports and Resources

+ Measuring adaptive capacity among local organisations: A case study in Namakwa District      Municipality,  South Africa
+ Participatory Adaptation Handbook
+ Participatory Adaptation Handbook: Facilitation Cards
+ Joubert et al 2013: Rising Waters: working together on Cape Town’s flooding
+ Joubert et al 2013: Cape of storms – sharing the coast in the face of turbulent, rising seas
+ IMACC Method Brief 2013, Green Choice Alliance: Participatory M&E
+ IMACC Method Brief 2013, CSAG: Climate Information Portal
+ IMACC Method Brief 2013, CSIR: Risk and Vulnerability Atlas