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Explore a curated set of open access toolkits designed to support climate change adaptation. Developed by a range of organisations in South Africa and globally, these resources cater to various needs. Get started with our featured set of tools or utilise the categories for easy navigation. 

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Climate Justice Campaign


ClimateSERV enables users to easily visualize and download 180-day rainfall and temperature forecasts, as well as historic rainfall and vegetation conditions.

Freshwater Biodiversity Information System

FBIS is an open-access, online platform for serving, hosting, analyzing, visualising and sharing freshwater biodiversity data in South Africa. The overall purpose of the platform is to support data-driven freshwater decision-making and management in South Africa.


The Green Book is an online tool offering scientific evidence on climate change and urbanization impacts on South Africa's urban areas. It suggests adaptation actions for local governments to foster climate-resilient development.

Impact Based Early Warning System

Web Service displays near real-time warnings across South Africa from SAWS spatially. Data Source: FTP from SAWS near real-time

Smallholder Decision Support System

This tool was designed as process to assist farmers to decide which climate resilient agriculture practices would be more suitable for them.

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