Two new Small Grants Facility projects approved in Mopani

By Mpfunzeni Tshindane

The Adaptation Fund Small Grants Facility (SGF) recently approved two new projects in Mopani District that aim to  introduce adaptation measures to support livelihoods, settlements and agriculture in Giyani and Letaba Local Municipalities.

Through the Hlula Ndlala project, members of Sikhunyani and Shawela villages will improve the productivity of two food gardens run by the Vuyeriwani Development and Tanani Matiko cooperatives through the use of climate smart agriculture interventions such as drip irrigation, composting, crop rotation and the introduction of drought resilient crops. At least 93 households are expected to benefit from the two food gardens and the project will also improve income livelihoods for the cooperatives by establishing local market connections.  The project will be run by World Vision South Africa.

The Ga-Ntata rainwater harvesting system and rain gauge project aims to respond to water security challenges that are exacerbated by temperature increase in Mopani District. Tsogang Water and Sanitation, the small grant recipient for the project, aims to supplement an already constrained water supply system by refurbishing two earth dams that will cushion irrigation for crops and supply drinking water to cattle, sheep and goat livestock farmers.