As of March 2013 the Adaptation Network became the formally appointed platform for communications and national capacity development support to the National Implementing Entity (NIE) to the Adaptation Fund, the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI). This new and formalised working relationship is an exciting step for the Adaptation Network. The Network’s role will involve providing continuous communication to stakeholders regarding NIE process and progress, allowing the NIE to operate in a transparent and consultative manner.

An important part of this work will be the development of case studies on the projects that are selected for submission to the Adaptation Fund, providing insight into the projects and the motivation for why these projects were chosen. The Network will also work with the NIE to support the development of a community of practice where knowledge and experiences are shared across South Africa. This will entail organising information and learning workshops and seminars that focus on both sharing learning from the NIE project proposal and project development processes and on sharing knowledge within the adaptation community in general.

It is envisioned that the partnership between the Adaptation Network and the NIE will work to strengthen the adaptation community in South Africa, providing continuous insights and learning from transparent NIE related processes.